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Welcome to Warrior Cats Descend RP. The old clans, ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan are no more. Those clans have been replaced with ShadeClan, GaleClan, RainClan, and DeepClan.

The warrior code still stands, as does StarClan.

But the clans themselves have changed.

Who will you join now?

Who will you give your life for?

A new age of warrior cats is upon us, and with it, new clans. These new clans are RainClan, DeepClan, GaleClan, and ShadeClan.
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 Territories and Other

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PostSubject: Territories and Other   Sat Jun 27, 2015 3:03 pm

ShadeClan's territory is the marsh.

GaleClan's territory is the prairie.

RainClan's territory is the river.

DeepClan's territory is the forest.

The Moontree is where leaders and medicine cats go to speak with StarClan.

The Gathering Clearing is where the clans gather for the full moon. The leaders speak on top of a huge stone.

The city is where twolegs and their kittypets live their lives.

The marsh is located next to the forest. On the other side of the marsh is the prairie, which is next to the river. The river and the forest are also located next to each other. In the center of all the clans in the Gathering Clearing. The Moontree is located past DeepClan's territory. It is in the middle of a clearing that has a floor of smooth, natural, stone. The city is right behind ShadeClan's territory, it is their border.

ShadeClan will always rise up from falling. We will never give up as long as will may still stand. We will protect those will care for 'til the very end.
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Territories and Other
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